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What is Cast Stone?

Cast stone is an elegant architectural product that has been used for centuries as architectural features or in fireplace surrounds. 

How is Cast Stone made?

Cast stone is composed of a highly refined mixture of graded aggregates and Portland cement. It is tamped into molds then steam cured to produce a product similar in appearance to cut limestone.

Are there varieties of Cast Stone?

There are two methods to make cast stone: a dry tamped method and a wet pour method. Classic Cast Stone utilizes a dry tamp method. Each piece is handmade, creating a finish that is a replica of cut limestone.

How does cast stone compare with natural cut stone?

It is stronger PSI (pounds per square inch) and can be reinforced.

It is less expensive per square foot, once a mold is created.

It has the ability to reproduce a variety of natural stones.

What standard colors are available?




See fireplace guide below.

What are the steps to place an order?

1. Send your job details with drawings to

2. Custom jobs will require a phone consultation with you or your construction company.

3. We will respond with an estimate.

4. A deposit is required to begin production. Balance is due upon shipment.

5. Shipments (full and partial) are scheduled. A forklift will be required to unload the pallets on the jobsite.

How is the job measured?

Your construction company or stone mason can submit drawings. We can use these take-offs to estimate the job. 

How can I measure my fireplace?

Fireplaces come in a variety of firebox opening sizes. Some fireplaces are designed to meet any variable of firebox opening. Other designs are fixed and can only accommodate a specific opening size. In addition to the firebox opening size, it is important to consider maximum overall height, depth any obstructions or holes for fireplace keys. A stone mason can assist you in measurements. CLICK HERE to view our fireplace guide.

What is the lead time?

Depending on the quantity, stock orders can be ready within a week. Custom orders require additional consultations, custom drawings, mold creation and production time.

How is product shipped?

Your job is insulated, packaged on wood pallets then shrink wrapped. It is shipped by air-ride trailers to avoid any long haul damage. Please inspect your shipment upon arrival.

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